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We offer hyaluronan based chemicals ideal for researchers in Scientific Universities and Medical and Pharmaceutical Industries. We supply our research grade hyaluronic acid, sodium hyaluronate and its derivatives directly to every part of the globe. In case of even more specific demands, please contact our dedicated sales specialist.

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Inspired by current demands, we have recently updated our portfolio with new chemically modified HA derivatives including oxidised hyaluronic acid. These derivatives are widely used in research, some are suitable for cross-linking and others for reference work. Please check our catalogue or place your order directly on this page.

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Sodium Hyaluronate - Research Grade / Laboratory Grade Price List 2022

laboratory grade

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ProductMolecular weightQuantityPrice fromEnter quantity
Sodium anhydroformyl hyaluronate50–200 kDa100 mg€ 160
Sodium azidyl hyaluronate300–600 kDa1 g€ 380
Sodium butanoyl formyl hyaluronate20–200 kDa1 g€ 530
Sodium caproyl hyaluronate150–250 kDa1 g€ 180
Sodium caproyl formyl hyaluronate50–200 kDa1 g€ 260
Sodium formyl hyaluronate20–100 kDa1 g€ 200
Sodium formyl hyaluronate420–630 kDa1 g€ 230
Sodium formyl hyaluronate750–1050 kDa1 g€ 230
Sodium fluoresceinylamino hyaluronate30–200 kDa100 mg€ 235
Sodium linolenoyl hyaluronate10–20 kDa1 g€ 320
Sodium octanoyl formyl hyaluronate20–200 kDa1 g€ 540
Sodium oleyl hyaluronate5–20 kDa1 g€ 105
Sodium palmitoyl hyaluronate10–200 kDa1 g€ 370
Sodium palmitoyl hyaluronate300–350 kDa1 g€ 370
Sodium palmitoyl hyaluronate950–1150 kDa1 g€ 370
Sodium palmitoyl formyl hyaluronate20–200 kDa1 g€ 545
Sodium propinylamino hyaluronate 300–600 kDa1 g€ 365
ProductMolecular weightQuantityPrice fromEnter quantity
Sodium-calcium hyaluronate90–120 kDa1 g€ 420
ProductMolecular weightQuantityPrice fromEnter quantity
Hyaluronan oligosaccharideHA4AN10 mg€ 390
Hyaluronan oligosaccharideHA6AN10 mg€ 450
Hyaluronan oligosaccharideHA8AN10 mg€ 530
Hyaluronan oligosaccharideHA10AN10 mg€ 590
Hyaluronan oligosaccharideHA12AN10 mg€ 620
Hyaluronan oligosaccharideHA14AN10 mg€ 630
Hyaluronan oligosaccharideHA16AN10 mg€ 660
Hyaluronan oligosaccharideHA18AN10 mg€ 710
Hyaluronan oligosaccharideHA4NA10 mg€ 390
Hyaluronan oligosaccharideHA6NA10 mg€ 450
Hyaluronan oligosaccharideHA8NA10 mg€ 530
Hyaluronan oligosaccharideHA10NA10 mg€ 590
Hyaluronan oligosaccharideHA12NA10 mg€ 620
Hyaluronan oligosaccharideHA14NA10 mg€ 630
Hyaluronan oligosaccharideHA16NA10 mg€ 660
Hyaluronan oligosaccharideHA18NA10 mg€ 710
SET - Hyaluronan Oligosaccharides HA4AN, HA6AN, HA8AN, HA10AN5 mg of each€ 1475
SET - Hyaluronan Oligosaccharides HA12AN, HA14AN, HA16AN, HA18AN5 mg of each€ 1475
SET - Hyaluronan Oligosaccharides HA4NA, HA6NA, HA8NA, HA10NA5 mg of each€ 780
SET - Hyaluronan Oligosaccharides HA12NA, HA14NA, HA16NA, HA18NA5 mg of each€ 1475
ProductMolecular weightQuantityPrice fromEnter quantity
Hyaluronan oligosaccharideHA3AA10 mg€ 505
Hyaluronan oligosaccharideHA5AA10 mg€ 505
Hyaluronan oligosaccharideHA7AA10 mg€ 505
Hyaluronan oligosaccharideHA9AA10 mg€ 505
Hyaluronan oligosaccharideHA11AA10 mg€ 505
Hyaluronan oligosaccharideHA3NN10 mg€ 780
Hyaluronan oligosaccharideHA5NN10 mg€ 585
Hyaluronan oligosaccharideHA7NN10 mg€ 585
Hyaluronan oligosaccharideHA9NN10 mg€ 585
Hyaluronan oligosaccharideHA11NN10 mg€ 585
SET - Hyaluronan OligosaccharidesHA3AA, HA5AA, HA7AA, HA9AA, HA11AA5 mg of each€ 1135
SET - Hyaluronan OligosaccharidesHA3NN, HA5NN, HA7NN, HA9NN, HA11NN5 mg of each€ 650
ProductMolecular weightQuantityPrice fromEnter quantity
Sodium hyaluronate with NMMD5–20 kDa100 mg€ 1520
Sodium hyaluronate with NMMD20–30 kDa100 mg€ 1520
Sodium hyaluronate with NMMD30–40 kDa100 mg€ 1520
Sodium hyaluronate with NMMD40–60 kDa100 mg€ 1750
Sodium hyaluronate with NMMD60–80 kDa100 mg€ 1750
Sodium hyaluronate with NMMD80–100 kDa100 mg€ 1750
Sodium hyaluronate with NMMD100–120 kDa50 mg€ 1520
Sodium hyaluronate with NMMD120–140 kDa50 mg€ 1520
Sodium hyaluronate with NMMD140–160 kDa50 mg€ 1750
Sodium hyaluronate with NMMD160–350 kDa50 mg€ 1750
SET 1 - Sodium hyaluronate with NMMD
(5-10kDa 50mg, 10-20kDa 50mg, 25-35kDa 50mg, 40-60 kDa 50mg, 90-110kDa 20mg)
5–110 kDa220 mg€ 1950
SET 2 - Sodium hyaluronate with NMMD
(90-110kDa 20mg, 140-160kDa 15mg, 210-240kDa 15mg, 330-360 kDa 15mg)
90–360 kDa65 mg€ 1980
ProductMolecular weightQuantityPrice fromEnter quantity
Sodium hyaluronate - laboratory8–15 kDa1 g€ 125
Sodium hyaluronate - laboratory15–30 kDa1 g€ 125
Sodium hyaluronate - laboratory30–50 kDa1 g€ 125
Sodium hyaluronate - laboratory50–90 kDa1 g€ 125
Sodium hyaluronate - laboratory90–130 kDa1 g€ 125
Sodium hyaluronate - laboratory130–300 kDa1 g€ 125
Sodium hyaluronate - laboratory300–500 kDa1 g€ 95
Sodium hyaluronate - laboratory500–750 kDa1 g€ 95
Sodium hyaluronate - laboratory750–1000 kDa1 g€ 95
Sodium hyaluronate - laboratory1000–1250 kDa1 g€ 95
Sodium hyaluronate - laboratory1250–1500 kDa1 g€ 95
Sodium hyaluronate - laboratory1500–1750 kDa1 g€ 95
Sodium hyaluronate - laboratory1750–2000 kDa1 g€ 95
Sodium hyaluronate - laboratory2000–2200 kDa1 g€ 95
Sodium hyaluronate - laboratory2200–2400 kDa1 g€ 95
ProductMolecular weightQuantityPrice fromEnter quantity
Sodium hyaluronate - technical8–15 kDa1 g€ 40
Sodium hyaluronate - technical15–30 kDa1 g€ 40
Sodium hyaluronate - technical30–50 kDa1 g€ 40
Sodium hyaluronate - technical50–90 kDa1 g€ 40
Sodium hyaluronate - technical90–130 kDa1 g€ 40
Sodium hyaluronate - technical130–300 kDa1 g€ 40
Sodium hyaluronate - technical300–500 kDa1 g€ 40
Sodium hyaluronate - technical500–750 kDa1 g€ 40
Sodium hyaluronate - technical750–1000 kDa1 g€ 40
Sodium hyaluronate - technical1000–1250 kDa1 g€ 40
Sodium hyaluronate - technical1250–1500 kDa1 g€ 40
Sodium hyaluronate - technical1500–1750 kDa1 g€ 40
Sodium hyaluronate - technical1750–2000 kDa1 g€ 40
Sodium hyaluronate - technical2000–2200 kDa1 g€ 40
Sodium hyaluronate - technical2200–2400 kDa1 g€ 40

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