hyaluronic acid

Polysaccharide hyaluronan is naturally in the human body. It is located in the extracellular matrix and you will find an increased concentration of HA in the eyes, joint fluid or in the skin. Depending on its molecular weight provides a variety of biological effects, which are widely used in medicine, pharmacy, and cosmetics.


Contipro acquires hyaluronic acid from cell walls of bacteria Streptococcus zooepidemicus. These bacteria are deprived of all pathogens and pose no risk to humans and nature. The result of fermentation and subsequent purification is hyaluronic acid in the form of powder or other forms, e.g. nanofibers and hydrogels.

of high quality

Our advanced manufacturing process allows maximizing quality while maintaining the highest ethical consideration. This is evidenced by the auditors from the Czech State Institute for Drug Control (SIDC) and the American Institute for Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Contipro always meets the highest standards.

We know what is important

We feel the responsibility
to our surroundings

We consider the impact of our decisions on current and future generations. Therefore, we act transparently and we offer attractive conditions for work and life to our employees. A number of audits appreciate our attitude, eg. SMETA.

It is natural for us to take
care of the environment

Everything we produce is biodegradable. We run our own powerful wastewater treatment plant and our offices are heated by waste heat. During the sunny days, our solar plants cover up to 50% of consumption of electricity. We appreciate the clean environment where we work.

Education brings
the real values

We return our gratitude to the people of our region by investing in its development. We primarily focus on education support. We operate a kindergarten, a primary school and programs for high school and university students. A good education is the base.

We have
come a long way

Contipro acquires its position in gradual steps. First, the company focused on nutritional supplements, and later on the active ingredients for cosmetics. Now we focus primarily on innovation in pharmaceuticals and biomedicine.


February, 1990

Contipro is born

Free market and private entrepreneurship come to Czechoslovakia and all six founders including the current CEO Dr. Velebný start developing biotechnological production in an ordinary blender as a first step towards their vision. The story of "CONnective TIssue PROducts" has begun.


Hyaluronan with pharmaceutical quality

After years of production of nutritional supplements and cosmetic ingredients, Contipro enters pharmaceutical world. We focus on inventive products and maximum purity and quality of our production.

July, 1998


November, 2000

Veterinary medication for joints

Bonharen is our first really successful final product. Nowadays, Bonharen is synonym for „veterinary joint treatment“ in central Europe.


Contipro enters human medicine market

In human pharmaceutical final products, Contipro is specialized in wound healing. Hyiodine becomes one of the most effective products on the market, which you can use for chronic and complicated wounds.

January, 2004


June, 2009

Contipro wins prestigious award Investor of the year

CzechInvest and the Association for Foreign Investment evaluated our project "Research and Development Centre for Medical Nanobiotechnology" as investments with the greatest potential for innovation in the Czech Republic.


Opening new R&D center

To reach our goals, we decide to build brand new fully equipped R&D center. Science is the very soul of Contipro. That is the reason why we invest many resources into our own research.

November, 2009


October, 2012

Entering in the field of Nanotechnology

We extended our product portfolio with the custom device for production of nanofibers 4SPIN®. 4SPIN® allows us produce innovative nanofiber materials. These materials offer a wide range of use in biomedical applications for tissue engineering, wound healing or targeted delivery of drugs.


Launching a new line for the production of ultrapure hyaluronan

The aim of the modernization of the production of pharmaceutical hyaluronan was to improve the quality of our products and ensure competitiveness of Contipro for the future times. Along with this, there has been increased automation of production and commissioning of advanced control mechanisms.

May, 2015


September, 2016

We open our primary school

In September 2016, Contipro added elementary school to its educational pyramid. The school is located nearby in nearby Žamberk where the company also founded public nursery, which has been open for several years already.

Vladimír Velebný doc. RNDr. CSc.

Scientist, who follows his dreams

The history of the company is from the start coupled with a strong personality. The man is the co-founder and current CEO Vladimir Velebný. Thanks to him Contipro has its own character.

Advisory Board

We are not alone for all that great visions we follow.
These respected experts are giving us a hand.