Anti-Aging Ingredients

Every face has a story. Anti-aging makes it happy ending.

Although aging is a natural process, it is always gratifying to inhibit the effects. The rising demand for and supply of anti-aging products has been paralleled by an increase in the scope of disparate scientific observations and knowledge about the mechanisms of aging. The difficulties in understanding this issue are exacerbated by the fact that individual problems are frequently artificially plucked from the overall context of skin aging.

Drawing on the twenty years’ experience of our prolific research team, supported by the study of the cellular and molecular mechanisms of aging and wielding a battery of in-vivo and in vitro tests, we deliver a system that respects the integrity of all mechanisms, is grounded in sound science, and yet can be understood by the general public.

Hyaluronan based

Natural polysaccharides


We respect the basic paradigm describing skin aging as a highly complex process. We have an easy-to-understand system classifying effects of our products into nine interlinked categories of three sources. We tackle the inner workings of the aging process and monitor the impact of our products on the skin’s external parameters. Below you can sort out our ingredients by the main effect they have on skin.

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