Whitening hyaluronic acid

Very low molecular weight hyaluronic acid modified by alpha linolenic acid. HyWhite acts as highly effective anti-pigmentation agent.

  • lightening and skin spots reduction
  • improvement of skin colour uniformity
  • great penetrability even in very low concentrations
  • effective both in Asian and Caucasian type of skin

Improvement of skin lightness (ITA)


Decrease of
melanin content


Reduction of
skin spots (Caucasians)

HyWhite products bring
a broad range of advantages:

  • Better water solubility
    of alpha linolenic acid thanks to HA.
  • Decrease production of melanin.
  • Inhibition of tyrosinase activity.
  • Higher resistance to degradation.
  • Stronger capacity to bind to the skin,
    it is not washed off easily as unmodified HA.

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