CrossLinked HA

Hydrogel forming crosslinked hyaluronic acid powder

Working as a delivery system and enabling gradual release of active ingredients into the skin. The final product is a water-soluble powder with no preservatives nor stabilizers needed and has better solubility in comparison to other gelled crosslinked HA.

  • more stable than HA
  • immediate reduction of wrinkles
  • higher hydrating capabilities than HMW HA
  • reservoir of water and active ingredients enabling
    their gradual release
  • prepared by crosslinking of an HA-derivative
    in the presence of standard HA

Increase of immediate
hydration after 1 hour


Higher hydration
after 4 hours


More hydration than
standard MW HA

CrossLinked HA products bring
a broad range of advantages:

  • Forming a hydrogel in the presence of water.
  • Water reservoir and reservoir of various active ingredients inside its pores and enables their gradual release into the skin, it prolongs their bioavailability in the skin.
  • Decreasing the irritation risk caused by some active ingredients.
  • Higher resistance against hyaluronidases (enzymes present in the skin which degrade HA).
  • Better results in comparison with commercially available crosslinked HA with divinylsulfone (HA — DVS).

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