Very low molecular weight hyaluronic acid 10 — 150 kDa

Highly active hydrolysed hyaluronic acid is able to reach even the lowest layers of the skin which brings new possibility of advanced rejuvenation.

  • reduces wrinkles and stabilizes skin structure
  • helps smoothing of the skin texture
  • keeps hydrating properties of standard hyaluronic acid
  • Cosmos and Ecocert certified

Improvement of
dermal papillae shape


Reduction of
skin pores size


Improvement of
skin barrier function

HyActive products bring
a broad range of advantages:

  • Gets into low layers of the skin and directly interacts with cells.
  • Restores normal thickness of aging or atrophic skin.
  • Has fundamental influence on the biological activity of the cells.
  • Stimulates production of body‘s own endogenous hyaluronic acid and collagen.

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