Desmosomes are protein complexes assembled at the plasma membranes that play a key role in the attachment of cells to each other. Desmoglein bridges the external space between adjacent cells and is linked to the intracellular keratin microfilaments. It provides stability and cohesion to the epidermal “brick wall” that resists mechanical stresses and also contributes to the water barrier function of the epidermis. Desmosomes are enzymatically degraded towards the skin surface to facilitate the normal process of desquamation.

In aged skin, desmosomal proteins have been shown to be downregulated or prematurely degraded. Reduced desquamation and an elevated level of desmosomal proteins in the superficial layers has also been reported due to the inhibition of enzymes necessary for the desmosome metabolism by insufficient hydration. To reach the optimal balance we introduced our product Cellcon, a mixture containing the hexapeptide for the desmosome structure improvement and 1 % hyaluronic acid as a hydrating agent.

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