Sodium hyaluronate - technical

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hyaluronan, hyaluronic acid


Produced biotechnologically (fermentation of bacterial strain Streptococcus equi susp. zooepidemicus). Non-animal. Non GMO.


 Sodium hyaluronate - technical
 Appearance  white powder
 pH  5.0 - 8.0  0.5% aqueous
 Sodium hyaluronate  > 93%  spectrophotometry
 Molecular weight
 according to

 Available MW ranges (kDa)
 8-15  130-300  1250-1500
 15-30  300-500  1500-1750
 30-50  500-750  1750-2000
 50-90  750-1000  2000-2200
 90-130  1000-1250  2200-2400


• Completely soluble in water. The speed of dissolution depends on the molecular weight (MW). The lower the MW, the faster the dissolution.
• Soluble in alcohol-water mixture up to a concentration of approximately 50% alcohol (depending on the alcohol type and the MW of the sodium hyaluronate).
• Insoluble in aprotic solvents.

Compatibility and processing:

• Product is relatively stable. Changes in MW occur when heating or at extreme pH values (higher MW, lower stability).
• Very sensitive to free radicals.
• Forms non-soluble salts with amphyphilic cationic substances (e.g. cationic detergents) and high MW positively charged substances (chitosan, quaternized polymers, some proteins).
• Sterilization of solutions by autoclaving (all MWs, the higher the MW, the greater the drop in MW during sterilization) or by filtration (the possibility of sterilizing the filter depends on the solution concentration and MW).


Store in originally sealed packaging. Avoid high humidity and UV light exposure, if not used immediately after opening. Store refrigerated (2-8 °C). Temperatures up to 40 °C during transport (short term only) do not affect the product.


This material is supplied with a minimum remaining shelf-life of 12 months.


Glass vial. 1 gram.

This product is intended primarily for R&D purposes and is not to be used for any other purposes, including but not limited to in vitro diagnostic purposes, foods, drugs, medical devices or cosmetics for humans or animals, or for commercial purposes.
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