Science in Contipro

The key feature distinguishing Contipro from its rivals is its emphasis is on research and development. The amounts regularly invested by Contipro in its research laboratories have always been much higher than the industry standard. The return is not just the support that our research offers, in the form of innovations, to existing manufacturing and professional services for our partners, but also, and more significantly, highly sophisticated applications based on our patents, utility models and scientific publications, which we periodically deliver, blazing a trail of further development in the industry as a whole.

The outputs of our research place us in a leading position among those centres specializing in hyaluronic acid chemistry and application of hyaluronan.

Our Scientific teams:

Research team for the replacement of articular cartilage

Research team for the development of new diagnostic products based on nanoparticles

Pilot plant research team and technical development research team

Research team for the development of active agents against skin ageing

Research team for the development of biopolymer-based hydrogels

Research team for the metabolic engineering of biopolymers in microorganisms

Research team for the preparation of biopolymer nano- and micro-fibres and the development of equipment for their production

Research team for the development of wound healing products

Research team for the development of new non-invasive optical diagnostic devices


Hyaluronan forms


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