Delcore is hyaluronic acid chemically modified by oleic acid. On account of its specific chemical structure, Delcore is able to create a polymeric micelle-based delivery system for other active ingredients. Delcore has been shown to act as a penetration enhancer for ingredients of a hydrophobic nature, the penetration of which through the stratum corneum is sometimes be problematic. As a result, it enables the effect of many substances whose potential has so far been difficult to utilize properly in cosmetic applications to be harnessed to the full.
Moreover, Delcore itself has positive effects on the skin, both in-vivo and in-vitro, thanks to its unique composition.
Its application restores the skin’s lipid film through the increased production of sebum. This effect will be successful in aging skin with suppressed sebocyte activity because it boosts the correct barrier function the skin.
Coenzyme Q10 has been selected as the model active ingredient for testing the possibilities of the DelCore delivery system. This is because of the hydrophobic nature of CoQ10, which makes it difficult to use in cosmetics in spite of its many positive qualities for the skin.

Delivery effect: Efficacy data

Penetration efficacy No 1.) Skin penetration of Delcore

DelCore's delivery effect was investigated using a model hydrophobic ingredient – Nile red – chosen for its excellent traceability. As presented by histological images, after eight hours the polymeric micelle-based delivery system of Delcore + Nile red reached deeper layers of the epidermis in comparison with the separate emulsion of Delcore with Nile red.

Penetration of Delcore drug delivery with Nile red; Skin histology, pic. 1+2: Delcore + Nile red as polymeric micelles, pic. 3+4: Delcore + Nile red as emulsion

Penetration efficacy No.2) Iincrease in the effects of active ingredients

In the use of the above in vivo formulations, it was observed that neither CoQ10 nor Delcore has an inherent fundamental effect on the hydration of the skin of the face compared to a placebo. In the application of a formulation with a polymeric micelle-based delivery system loaded with CoQ10, there was a significant increase hydration. This is evidently due to the above-mentioned and documented effects (on-site delivery, increased protection – efficacy of the active ingredient carried).

Delcore PLgraf2

Impact of the encapsulation of CoQ10 in the DelCore skin hydration system/Group of 6 treated volunteers + 15 placebo control (25-43 years); once-daily application for four weeks, measured by MPA 580 Corneometers.

Protection efficacy No.1) Increase in the effects of the active agent

Delcore, by encapsulating CoQ10, boosts its antioxidant activity. CoQ10 is known as fat-soluble antioxidant. Measurements at the final formulation stage showed that a polymeric micelle-based delivery system loaded with CoQ10 had a higher antioxidant effect than CoQ10 itself by 30-50% compared to the placebo. This phenomenon is probably related to the higher resistance of the loaded CoQ10 compared to air oxidation, to which it is normally very sensitive (Lambelet et al., 1992).

Delcore PLgraf3

Antioxidant effect of the DelCore drug delivery system with CoQ10, Measured by MPA 580 in cream, with Colorimeters (DPPH assay, n=1)

Self effect efficacy No.1) Sebum production stimulation

Delcore is not only a functional delivery system to promote the penetration of hydrophobic active ingredients, but even when applied separately reports interesting effects in combating skin ageing. Ageing skin is affected by an imbalance in the production of skin sebum, often in the form of its reduced production. The disruption of the oily skin film has a negative impact on other components and functions of the skin and accelerates the development of visible signs of ageing. Delcore is able to increase age-related reduced oiliness and thus slow the ageing process (Luebberding et al., 2003).

Delcore PLgraf1

Sebum level after Delcore application/7 volunteers treated with 0.1% Delcore (25-43 years) + 15 volunteers placebo group; once-daily application for four weeks; measured by MPA 580 Sebumeters.


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