HyActive’s low molecular weight enables it to penetrate into the skin, where it interacts with skin cells and extracellular matrix components.

In particular, it works to enhance skin texture and reduce wrinkles , as has been demonstrated in a battery of in vivo tests.

Texture: In-vivo efficacy

HyActive has been shown to have a significant effect on the quality of skin texture by reducing pore size and improving the quality of desquamation.

Thirty-seven volunteers aged from 25 to 66 years were assessed in tests to determine the effect of cream containing 0.005% HyActive, applied once daily for eight weeks.

In the test subjects, compared with the control, a nearly 50% reduction in pore size relative to the baseline measurements was identified. An improvement in skin texture on the LifeViz 3D image (see the wrinkles efficacy data) was also evident.


Texture: Mechanisms of action

HyActive’s effect on the improvement in skin texture can be explained by several related processes that were tested.

In-vivo testing demonstrated the accelerated recovery of the stratum corneum, the normalization thereof (a reduction in the size of desquamated keratinocyte aggregates) and an improvement in the structure of deeper layers of the stratum corneum (measurement of the ECM protein content by the method of skin strips).

The explanation of these explaining these positive mechanisms is the activation of proteases disrupting intercellular connections in the upper layers of the stratum corneum, and the stabilization of the content of intercellular lipids, especially ceramides (confirmed by measuring the activity of beta-glucocerebrosidase), in the deeper layers of the SC, thus ensuring its enhanced quality and uniform desquamation. The final supplementary confirmed effect is the activation of HAS2 production, increasing the endogenous production of hyaluronic acid . This results not only in increased skin hydration, but also promotes the natural renewal process of all layers of the epidermis, including the stratum corneum.

Efficacy data for Texture

Wrinkles: In-vivo efficacy

A clear reduction in wrinkles was observed after the application of cream containing 0.005% HyActive for 12 weeks (the same group structure as for the previous characteristic).

The attached visualization shows a distinct decline in both the scale and depth of wrinkles, which was evident in all subjects treated with cream containing HyActive.



In-vivo effect of HyActive application on wrinkles; Upper before, lower after 84 days treatment.

Wrinkles: Mechanisms of action

According to our additional tests, wrinkle reduction confirmed by in-vivo measurements can be attributed mainly to three synergistic mechanisms – the stimulation of collagen synthesis, the activation of the enzyme transglutaminase, and a decrease in the activity of matrix metalloproteinases.

While the increased synthesis of collagen fibre with cells leads to an increase in the volume of extracellular matrix in the skin, the higher activity of the enzyme transglutaminase improves the structure of the extracellular matrix because this enzyme is responsible for stabilizing the collagen network with the longitudinal fibre orientation.

The reduced activity of MMPs degrading the extracellular matrix restricts the adverse degradation of collagen typical for older skin.

The mutual support of these phenomena removes the degraded extracellular matrix, replaces it with a functional matrix and increases its volume and quality. This ensures that wrinkles are reduced by their augmentation, and is also highly likely to help normalize the metabolic activity of the lower layer of the skin and its natural renewal process.

Efficacy data for Wrinkles

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