Substance with
unlimited potential

Our flagship product is the highest quality soudium hyaluronate and its functional derivates. In crafting new products, we tap into the latest knowledge, right from the basic research stage.

Strong & stable background

Our company is built on the systematically interfused pillars of active ingredients, pharmaceutical products and devices. We are global leaders in the realm of physical chemistry and biology of Hyaluronan.

Avoiding bulls
in a china shop

We believe that everybody can live better and longer, but not twice. It’s fair to care. We endorse activities engaging civil society and special interest associations in our region.
Hyaluronan as the key to our portfolio

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February, 1990

Contipro is born

Free market and private entrepreneurship come to Czechoslovakia and all six founders including the current CEO Dr. Velebný start developing biotechnological production in an ordinary blender as a first step towards their vision. The story of "CONnective TIssue PROducts" has begun.


Hyaluronan with pharmaceutical quality

After years of production of nutritional supplements and cosmetic ingredients, Contipro enters pharmaceutical world.

July, 1998


November, 2000

Veterinary medication for joints

Bonharen is our first really successful final product. Nowadays, Bonharen is synonym for „veterinary joint treatment“ in central Europe.


Contipro enters human medicine market

In human pharmaceutical final products, Contipro is specialized in wound healing. Hyiodine becomes one of the most effective products on the market.

January, 2004


November, 2009

Opening new R&D centre

To reach our goals, we decide to build brand new R&D centre. Science is the very soul of Contipro.

Our R&D in numbers

Papers in peer reviewed
journals every year
Patents and Industrial
design rights
In-house researchers
and developers
Square meters of fully
equipped laboratories

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